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Achieve your unique potential by beating your past self every day

Elliot Axelman believes in making the most of every day. We only have a few thousand days in the peak of our lives, and we have so much else to do, between work, school, family, hobbies, and rest, that we must take advantage of every moment we are available to remain fit. Competing against others is great, but you should focus even more on competing against your past self.


Ran a mile yesterday? Run 2 miles today! 

Did 10 pullups yesterday? Do 11 today! 

Ate the whole sleeve of cookies yesterday? (Guilty) Eat some bananas today!

Argued on Facebook for 3 hours yesterday? Spend half that time reading today!

I ran 3 miles outside, then increased the distance each day until I ran 6.6 miles around a week later! And I hate cardio, especially running. And I have crap for knees and ankles. If I can do it, anyone can. 

What separates me from other personal trainers?


I believe that: 

  • The best approach to fitness involves a holistic, comprehensive, individualized, nuanced mindset.

  • Every human body is different. We each need unique workouts, diets, and lifestyles to be at our best.

  • Positive encouragement is best nearly 100% of the time, and criticism has almost no place, especially in fitness training.

  • There is always a way. No gym, no equipment, no partner, no problem!

  • When training in a fighting sport, all individuals should feel totally comfortable and safe, and nobody should be getting hurt. Don't be afraid to spar/roll with me!

  • Your feedback and advice is very valuable, especially when it comes to your body, your workouts, and your nutrition. 

  • We should not let the perfect be the enemy of the good. Nobody feels perfect every day, we all make mistakes, and we are all human. Win or lose, forget the past and look ahead to the next battle. And win it.

  • Eating decently is not nearly as difficult as many people think. (Again, if I can do it, anyone can!)

Why the hell should you listen to me, want my advice, or pay to train with me?


I am glad you asked!​​

  • I have 7 years of experience under excellent mixed martial arts instruction (TSMMA has many instructors who are current fighters in the UFC).

  • I am a boxer (1-0) who has had the privilege of sparring with some great fighters and the pleasure of teaching many friends enough about boxing to be comfortable free sparring. 

  • I am a powerlifter who entered the '1,000 pound club' in 2018 at a body weight of 138 pounds.

  • I have run a quarter-marathon (6.6 miles) in an hour and a 5K in 23 minutes.

  • I am a critical care/flight certified paramedic with nearly 10 years of experience in EMS, having worked in multiple 911 and transport settings. 

  • I am an NASM-certified personal trainer. 

  • I have trained in parkour, gymnastics/tumbling, and martial arts tricking.

  • I started on both offense and defense on my H.S. football team despite being 5'4" and 130 pounds. 

  • I have at least experienced nearly every sport, workout, and physical discipline under the sun, including football, basketball, baseball, various fighting styles, parkour, gymnastics, weight lifting, volleyball, snowboarding, rollerblading, tennis, running, tightrope, unicycle, and many more. 

  • I am one of the most affordable personal trainers in the region.

  • I am 100% dedicated to helping you reach your goal!

  • Considering my efficiency and the homework I assign, one or two sessions per week could be enough to get you into great shape - and enough to build a habit of healthy living that you will keep forever!

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