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  • Elliot "Alu" Axelman

Meet Alu Axelman

As you might have imagined, 'Axel-Fit' combines Alu's last name with his primary mission. Born to athletic parents, the Axelman's were all blessed with very athletic genes. More important than their genes, however, are the ambitious traits that their parents instilled in them; hard work, integrity, and perseverance.

All 4 Axel-boys trained in martial arts at some point (as did the Axel-stepbrother) and they all excelled in numerous other sports and athletic endeavors. Lazer Axelman has landed three different types of triple flips on a trampoline (front, back, and side) and has been called 'crazy' by a world-class high fall stuntman for doing stunts that the professional would not dare attempt. Alu has had the privilege of lifting with some of the great powerlifters and sparring with a few fighters who are now UFC stars and professional boxers. At 138 pounds, Alu became one of the lightest members of the 1,000 pound club in 2018 while working 60+ hours a week as a paramedic. While most Axelman's are professionals (lawyers, paramedics, etc.) with busy schedules, they strive to remain fit in body and mind and in every way imaginable. Axelmans live for new challenges.

Alu's experience/expertise includes: Boxing, kickboxing, BJJ/grappling, MMA, martial arts tricking, parkour, gymnastics, power lifting, cardio training, football, basketball, baseball, gymnastics, balance, running, aggressive rollerblading, and more. Whatever your goals, We are dedicated to helping you achieve them, and you are sure to have some fun along the way!

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