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  • Elliot "Alu" Axelman

The Birth of Axel-Fit

Updated: Aug 25, 2019

As I tell my patients, "Hi! I'm Elliot, but you can call me Alu!"

After working on the ambulance for the past 8 years, I'm beginning to feel like I should consider shifting careers, perhaps to something with less vomit, blood, pee, and a little more sleep.

Since I could first walk, I've been pushing the limits of my physical abilities, ultimately causing me to crack my head open three times before turning three years old. No, I do not mind the jokes about 'my brain spilling out'. From martial arts to parkour to football to power-lifting, I've always loved setting challenges for myself and then crushing them. I found that as I gained proficiency in each sport, I naturally began to teach the next generation of fighters, players, lifters, and anyone else who desired to improve their fitness or attain physical goals. Teaching gymnastics and parkour gave me so much joy and I began to miss that joy immediately after getting on the ambulance and quitting my gymnastics job to do full-time EMS. Don't get me wrong - there is tons that I love about EMS, but athletes simply have more energy than the oldest and sickest people, and I thrive off of positive energy.

Alu as a new medic
Alu as a baby medic

Over the years, I'd like to think that I've become a better teacher, and I still strive to improve my communication and teaching skills every day. Once I began to consider work outside of EMS, personal training was the natural choice. I love meeting people, helping them, and seeing them achieve their goals. I also feed off of the energy of others - so much so that I sometimes prefer to work out during rush hour at the gym because the sheer amount of people training gives me so much energy and inspiration to push myself even harder.

Whatever your goals are - be they nutrition, weight-loss, muscle, strength, cardio, fighting, flips, sports, jumping, running, or anything else you can imagine - I am committed to working with you to achieve those goals!

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