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Train in boxing, kickboxing, or grappling with Alu, who will create a personalized program for you to reach your goals of self-defense, fitness, or preparing for a fight. 

Whether you are one person or a group and whether you have no experience exercising or 17 pro fights under your belt, we can help you improve! 

Whether you are coming in a group or joining a group class later than the others, we will make you comfortable and catch you up in no time!

Alu can train adults, children, couples, and groups. Babysitting by Kate (Alu's wife and paramedic) may also be available on site.

Alu trained in TSMMA (kickboxing and grappling) for 7 years, achieving the rank of brown belt. He had a brief career as a boxer and now works as a paramedic, personal trainer, and author.

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