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After the assessment process, Alu will create a personalized weight-loss program for you involving an exercise regimen, diet advice and encouragement, and more.

For every pound of non-lean mass you lose, you are extending your life. Get the most you can possibly get out of life!

Fit Woman

While Alu does not have much personal experience with losing weight, he has maintained a healthy weight (and abs) despite working in EMS for nearly 10 years. What's his secret? (some credit his fast metabolism)

Alu is happy to teach you everything he knows about fitness and weight loss! All you need to do to get started is email him at!

One of the keys to losing weight is consuming fewer calories than you expend. While this rule makes nutrition seem very simple, it only tells part of the story. Among the many other factors are satiety. Salads can fill us up with fewer and better calories than the crap that we eat from fast food chains. 

This tremendous salad bowl in the photo to the right fills up the stomach as much as a typical meal, and it has fewer calories and more nutrients!

Just like with exercise, eating right is all about motivation and effort. 

With enough effort, motivation, and focus, you can accomplish anything!

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